Welcome to American Town, Yokosuka! -Yokosuka Ichiban

Welcome to International Town YOKOSUKA!


 [Yokosuka Ichiban] Good Fortune Increases After The Winter Solstice!

 [Yokosuka Ichiban] November 23rd - Labor Thanksgiving Day

 [Yokosuka Ichiban] New Shop! YOKOSUKA HARRY Acupuncture & Massage Clinic

 [Yokosuka Ichiban] New Shop! Karaoke Bar KOJO

 [Yokosuka Ichiban] Fall is a great time for sports.

 [Yokosuka Ichiban] Enjoy the custom of moon viewing in September

 [Yokosuka Ichiban] The most popular tradition in Japan - Obon!

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Welcome to Yokosuka! First time in Yokosuka and have no idea where to go? We can help!

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