Welcome to American Town YOKOSUKA!

Welcome to Yokosuka! Have you come out to the downtown part of Yokosuka? Is it your first time in Yokosuka and have no idea where to go? We can help!
"YOKOSUKA 1CHIBAN" provides you with information on local restaurants, shops, and entertainment! For those who are worried about communicating in Japanese, no problem! The majority of the stores we introduce all are places with English speaking staffs, and the restaurants provide English menus!
 We hope that this site will broaden your range of Yokosuka! You might even become a regular customer for one of these stores! We are looking forward to seeing and talking to you at the shops we post on this web site.

Restaurant recommended by Richard-san

Richard Kirchner san has worked at Yokosuka base since 2010. He is so interested in Japanese culture and Kanji (Chinese character) that he is looking over them energetically. In the meantime, he started the blog. He hopes that his blog is helpful for more foreign people to visit shops in Yokosuka because there is less local information about shops.

Restaurant recommended by Richard-san

Interview with Richard san’s

Restaurant Category

Curry, Tempura, Yakiniku (grilled meat), Sushi & Seafood, Ramen & Soba & Udon, Okonomiyaki
American, Italian, French, Mexican
Other Asian
Thai, Chinese, Korean, Indian & Nepalese
Bar & Izakaya
Concert, Yakitori
Cafe & Desserts

Shop Category

Lessons & Education
Beauty, Auto, Movers, Home Cleaning, Clothing & Shoe repair, Photo studio, Real Estate
Fashion & Accessories
Shoes, Glasses, Jewelry
Entertainment & Activities
Hotel, Karaoke
Health & Relaxation
Massage, Bicycle
Home Goods
Furniture, Kitchen ware
Souvenir & Misc.Shopping
Craft, Personal stamp, Stationary, Martial Arts
Tea, Bakery, Farmers'Market

History:Admiral Benton W. Decker

Admiral Benton W. "Benny" Decker is a well-known figure who was in command from April 1946 to June 1950 in the Commander of Fleet Activities. Admiral Decker and his staff were able to devote their time in helping the townspeople socially, economically, and politically. Buildings which had once housed war equipment were converted into schools, churches and hospitals for the people of Japan. +MAA-(Extracted from CFAY History)

KAIGUN Gourmet


This curry is based on a recipe from a Japanese navy during the Meiji era titled, “Navy Culinary Art Book of Reference.” It’s cooked by frying up curry powder and flour. The side menu come with milk and salad.


The burger is cooked based on a recipe from the U.S. Navy. The plate weighs more than 170g, and the ingredients include 100% beef without thickening with fresh lettuce and vegetables.

Sightseeing and event

Beach Sumo at Sarushima Island by cruise 

Sarushima is the only uninhabited island on the Tokyo Bay.
Sumo is traditional Japanese wrestling and beach sumo is the same but is held on the beach instead of a dohyo. 
The military cruise (Triangle) departing from the Mikasa Pier is also very popular!


We have a navy town, so there are many people who wear the sailor’s uniform in Yokosuka.

Yokosuka city maintains a good relationship with the U.S. Navy.