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Monthly Feature Story-April 2017

Spring has come! Let's go out and enjoy westside of Yokosuka!

It's getting warmer these days. Now is a great season to go out.
There are lots of place that satisfy your holidays.

This month, we recommend 2 places.

1. Nagai Seaside Park - Soleil Hill

Our park is located on a beautiful hill that captures a fine view of Mt. Fuji during clear weather.
In our large and family-friendly park, you can experience food which includes our freshly-grown vegetables from our gardens.
You can also have a wonderful time petting animals and baking fresh bread.

Link: Soleil Hill page here

2. Tsukuihama Tourist Farm

Yokosuka is a region with warm climate and is prosperous in agriculture.
Visitors can enjoy picking/harvesting seasonal fruits and vegetables throughout the year at Tsukuihama Tourist Farm.
April is the best season of Strawberry.

Link: Tsukuihama Tourist Farm page here

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