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Come harvest and taste fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables!

Yokosuka is a region with warm climate which provides locally grown fruits and vegetables all year round.
At Tsukuihama Tourist Farm, visitors can enjoy picking or harvesting seasonal fruits and vegetables throughout the year.
We have strawberries from January to May, oranges from October to November and you can experience digging for sweet potatoes from October to November.

Shop Name TSUKUIHAMA Tourist Farm
Address 239-0843 view map
5-15-20 Tsukui,Yokosuka
Area East
TEL/FAX 046-849-5001 /
Opening Hours 9:00 - 15:00
Strawberry season: Jan 1st - May 5th (open every day)
Sweet potato season: The 2nd Sat of Sept - the 2nd Sun of Nov (Open only on Sat, Sun and national holidays)
Mandarin orange season: Oct 20th - Nov 30th (Open every day)
Parking available
Credit Cards not yet accepted


Strawberry Picking (Jan to May ) Fee includes all-you-can-eat: 1,300 yen to 2,000 yen

The best part about strawberry picking is to be able to pick and eat them right there and then! All-you-can-eat for 30 minutes with condensed milk. Visitors will not be allowed to take picked strawberries back home.
The farm is inside a warm greenhouse, so you may enjoy strawberry picking even on a rainy day. A popular outdoor activity to make it a part of your family memory!

The prices vary depending on the period.
Jan 1 - Jan 7: 2,000 yen
Jan 8 - Feb 28: 1,800 yen
Mar 1 - Apr 5: 1,600 yen
Apr 6 - May 5: 1,300 yen

Sweet Potato Digging (The 2nd Sat of Sept to the 2nd Sun of Nov) - Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays only

Please come in clothes that can get dirty when coming to the farm.

Sweet potato digging will begin according to the potatoes’ growth. Please contact JA Hayama Kitashitaura Branch at the Tourist Desk 046-849-4506 or the Local Info Center 046-857-3355 on weekends and holidays during opening season before coming.

1,000 yen to harvest 5 sweet potato plants

Mandarin Orange Picking (October 20th to November 30th) Fee includes all-you-can-eat: 450 yen to 650 yen

Yokosuka City has the perfect temperature to grow sweet and delicious mandarin oranges! These mandarins are one of the most popular fruits with preschool children and group visitors. You can eat as many mandarins as you like but will not be allowed to take them home.

Come and enjoy the perfect balance of their juicy, sweet and sour mandarins from Miura Peninsula with your entire family!