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Monthly Feature Story-August 2017-Summer Vacation

Cultural tip - Summer Vacation

August is the vacation season. Japanese summer is extremely hot and humid. Most of schools are summer vacation now. Many students are assigned some homework. Among them, Summer Research Assignment (Called “Jiyu Kenkyu” in Japanese) is a Japanese unique homework. Every student set own theme, and research it.
Although, summer vacation is not for assignment. Let’s get refresh not only students but also adults!


When you get tired of hot and humid weather, how about spending your time at KAN’NONZAKI KEIKYU HOTEL? You can relax by fresh sea wind.
There is a pool, hot spa and gorgeous campsite. Each room is cozy, and you can see a beautiful ocean from there. KEIKYU HOTEL may be the best place to enjoy your vacation.

Link: For more details, click here.

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