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Monthly Feature Story-July 2017

Cultural Tip – Tanabata or the Star Festival

Tanabata or the Star Festival is celebrated on July 7th. According to a Chinese legend, the Cowherd Star (Hikoboshi) Altair and Weaver Star (Orihime) Vega, which are usually separated by the Milky Way, are allowed to meet on that day just once a year.

One popular Tanabata custom is to write people’s wishes on small, colorful strips of paper,and hang them on bamboo branches in the hope that their wishes come true.

Some places where you may see such branches are elementary schools, shopping arcades, and various significant public places.

Writing materials can be found at the following shop.


When you write your wishes, we recommend you write with a fude pen, which is a type of brush pen generally used for Japanese calligraphy. One of the wonderful features of this pen is that you can write many different kinds of lines just by applying different level of pressure on the pen.

SHINAGAWA BUNKADO is located on Blue Street and has a wide variety of writing instruments.

Link: For more details, click here.

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