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Indian Restaurant & Bar LOTUS

We offer authentic Indian dishes.

Indian cuisine is healthy and uses more than 60 kinds of herbs. The spice level is adjustable for everyone, from children to seniors, can enjoy Indian food. Come try the authentic flavor of India.
Our Nepali chef was a chef at a five-star hotel in India and was the personal chef for a prince in Saudi Arabia. He has created our dishes from his lifetime of knowledge.
We offer various items on our lunch menu. We have reasonable lunch sets starting at 590yen which are popular among women. We also offer lunch sets with all-you-can-eat rice or nan. Customers always leave full. We have cheese nan, garlic nan and nan with sweet bean paste.
On the dinner menu, we offer a wide variety of snacks that match well with alcohol. Tandoori chicken, made with more than 60 kinds of herbs, is an especially popular dish.

Shop Name Indian Restaurant & Bar LOTUS
Address 238-0041 view map
3-33-108 Honcho, Yokosuka
Area Honch and Shioiri
TEL/FAX 046-821-3499 / 046-821-3499
Opening Hours Lunch: 11:00 - 16:00
Dinner: 16:00 - 23:00
Closed Open every day
Website 1 http://www.indiannepalifoods.com
Credit Cards accepting


Butter Chicken Curry

This delicious curry is made with chopped tomatoes, many kinds of herbs and the same chicken as the popular tandoori chicken. The spice level is adjustable.

Lunch set B

Two kinds of curry, salad, nan, rice, and soft drink

Lunch set C

Two kinds of curry, nan, rice, tandoori chicken, and soft drink

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Gourmet Shop Information

Price Lunch: 590-
Dinner: 690 yen
Lunch available
Seats 17
Takeout available
Parties available
English Menu available
Wi-Fi available
Vegetarian Options available