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Yokosuka Port Market

Full of fresh local food and delicious premade items!

In March 2013, Yokosuka Port Market opened at the Yokosuka Shinko Pier as the first store that specializes in local products in the Yokosuka-Chuo area.
We offer seafood from Tokyo and Sagami bay, and various local fruits and vegetables.
The shops sell a wide variety of local products such as Hayama beef croquettes, gelato made with Yokosuka milk and bread made with Yokosuka wheat.
Restaurants offer local dishes and there is a variety of items for sale at the souvenier booth.
Come and enjoy seasonal Yokosuka!

Shop Name Yokosuka Port Market
Address 238-0005 view map
6 Shinkoucho, Yokosuka
Area Port Market
TEL/FAX 046-823-1967 /
Opening Hours 10:00 - 19:00 (Mar. - Oct.)
10:00 - 18:00 (Nov. - Feb.)
Closed Tuesdays
Parking available
Credit Cards accepting


Local market for each season

Fresh products, including seasonal seafood and vegetables, are the pride of Yokosuka. Port Market restaurants serve dishes that make use of many seasonal ingredients.
When you visit the market, you will definitely understand the flavors of the season.
Don’t miss the delicacies of the season.

All 14 shops in Port Market participate in the “Yokosuka Products for Yokosuka Consumption” campaign.

All of the shops in Yokosuka Port Market have been registered as Yokosuka Products for Yokosuka Consumption Shops.
We offer various items using local seafood and vegetables. Whether they are fresh or premade, enjoy the wealth of different local products you can try in Yokosuka!