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Seafood Store Yokosuka Eastern Fishery Cooperative Association

Directly managed by fishery cooperatives providing fresh seafood and fresh seaweed

We can provide more fresh seafood than any other shops because we are directly managed by fishery cooperatives! Often selling rare products not sold at your typical markets.
Direct delivery from the sea! Shop directly managed by Tobu fishery cooperatives.
We offer fresh seafood directly delivered from Yokosuka’s sea; sea breams and mackerels in the spring, conger eels and Japanese sea basses in the summer, Japanese barracudas and mackerels in the autumn, and rock trouts and nori in the winter. Depending on the types of seafood that are caught in the morning, they are sold immediately at the shop. Absolutely fresh!

Shop Name Seafood Store Yokosuka Eastern Fishery Cooperative Association
Address 238-0005 view map
6 Shinkoucho, Yokosuka
Area Port Market
TEL/FAX 046-823-1967 /
Opening Hours 10:00 - 19:00 (Mar. - Oct.)
10:00 - 18:00 (Nov. - Feb.)
Closed Tuesdays
Parking available
Credit Cards accepting


Oyster from Yokosuka

Big and tender oyster from the Yokosuka’s sea. We recommend cooking them in the pot or lightly grilled creating a rich taste of oyster.


We offer seaweed in both dry and raw such as wakame and kelp depending on the season.

Message from staff

Come to our shop to see how fresh our seafood is!