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Local Specialty Restaurant LAUNA

Award winning filet-o-fish! A friendly and enjoyable restaurant !

We offer local gourmet certified by Yokosuka city.
Our restaurant is fun and friendly.
A great place to come eat by yourself or with a group.
Our restaurant serves more than 100 kinds of dishes.
You’ll be satisfied with our restaurant in no time! We await your visit.

Shop Name Local Specialty Restaurant LAUNA
Address 238-0041 view map
1-15-11 Honcho, Yokosuka
Area Honch and Shioiri
TEL/FAX 046-854-5688 / 046-854-5688
Opening Hours 11:00 - 21:00 (L.O.20:00)
Closed Mondays. For national holidays that fall on a Monday, we will be open that Monday and close on another day instead.
Credit Cards accepting


YOKOSUKA NAVY BURGER with French fries

Original NAVY Burger certified by Yokosuka City and collaborated with the base.
A Navy official’s favorite! A popular, filling dish served with plenty of French fries!
Come and try the Megaton Burger (2200 yen), the biggest burger in Japan!


Repeat customers come for our satisfying taste.
The meat has a strong flavor with a perfect combination of salsa and cheese!
A crispy texture with fresh vegetables!
A Navy official’s favorite!

Yakiniku burger

Have you ever seen a burger with this much meat?
Customers are always surprised by the dish’s size and volume!
A satisfying taste and volume that even meat-loving navy officials will love it.

Message from the Shop

Message from the Staff

Please don’t hesitate to visit our restaurant. We hope you enjoy our meal!

Gourmet Shop Information

Lunch available
Smoking No smoking
Seats 30
Takeout available
Parties available
English Menu available