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TRYANGLE Marine Cruising Yokosuka

Let's take a cruise to Sarushima Island, also known as Monkey Island!

Gather at Mikasa Pier to go to Monkey Island! Many visitors enjoy the cruise ride to Monkey Island, also known as the uninhabited island on the Tokyo Bay. Are you ready to get on board?

Shop Name TRYANGLE Marine Cruising Yokosuka
Address 238-0004 view map
Yokosuka-Haimu 201 , 28-1, Ogawacho, Yokosuka
Area Chuo Station
TEL/FAX 046-825-7144 / 046-825-7143
Opening Hours Ferry Service Mar-Nov: every day
Dec-Feb: Saturday, Sunday and holidays
*The ferryboat service is cancelled when the weather is bad.
Closed Ferry Service Dec-Feb: weekdays


Ticket counter

-Departure/Arrival Location: Mikasa Pier
-Fare: adult 1,200yen elementary school student 600yen
Preschool age and younger is free per adult
-Departure time
To Monkey Island: the first ferry leaves Mikasa Pier at 8:30
Ferry leaves once every hour at the 30 minute mark (ex- 1:30, 2:30 and so on)
From Monkey Island: the first ferry leaves the island at 8:45
Ferry leaves once every hour at the 45 minute mark

*the last ship leaves at 17:00 instead of 16:45
Weekend and holiday schedules change between December - February.
-10 minute ferry ride
-On Monkey Island, you are free to go wherever you like.

Monkey Island course

Monkey Island is the only uninhabited island on the Tokyo Bay. The beach is opened during the summer!
You can enjoy some BBQ and go fishing or explore the island!
As for BBQ, you can bring your own ingredients if you reserve the rental equipments in advance. Rental equipments do not need to be washed upon return.
*We do not accept reservations on specific locations of the island. Please separate garbage into three categories when disposing them.

How about charter a ferry with everyone?

We also offer charter ferry (from evening). You can hold any kind of parties including birthday parties. The estimate is free. Feel free to consult with us any time!