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Aroma Relaxation Salon Rakuma

Give yourself a reward for your hard work. Rakuma gives you a relaxing and healing experience.

Aroma Relaxation Salon Rakuma is a beauty salon that has an atmosphere like a high-end resort hotel in Bali. Rakuma is within easy access of Uraga Station on Keikyu Line.
Please visit us to have a relaxing time in a luxurious atmosphere.

Shop Name Aroma Relaxation Salon Rakuma
Address 239-0821 view map
6th floor Watanabe-wanzu Building , 1-1-1 Higashi-uraga, Yokosuka
Area East
TEL/FAX 046-884-9751 / 046-884-9751
Opening Hours 10:00 - 21:00 (Reservations only)
Closed Please contact us by email (rakuma.relaxation@gmail.com)
Website 1 Rakuma website
Parking available
There is a parking near our salon. Reservations only. Please let us know if you would like to use it.


Luxury Atmosphere

Rakuma has services available only here, which incorporates authentic beauty therapies and aroma lymphatic treatments from Bali, a home of oil treatments.
A pleasant oil massage on a hot stone bed releases your physical and mental exhaustion.
We have very luxurious private rooms, each with a hot stone bed and canopy. You can choose your favorite scent from the three types of blended aromatic oils.

Aroma Treatment

This is a standard menu incorporating Bali's most traditional treatment. Staff helps your body's toxins flow through the lymphatic system.

60 mins. A Trial Course 1st treatment 7,200 yen Regular Price 9,000 yen
90 mins. Whole Body Treatment 1st treatment 9,800 yen Regular Price 12,250 yen
120 mins. Whole Body Treatment 1st treatment 12,400 yen Regular Price 15,500 yen.

Facial Treatment

Your complexion will be clear and bright after a facial cream treatment is given to your face, neck and neckline.
Two menus are available:
1. Lift-up Course; Our gentle treatments will have an effect on facial muscle, eventually lifting the face.
2. Whitening Course; Gently moisturizes and conditions the skin.

60 mins. 1st treatment 8,200 yen Regular Price 10,250 yen

Osteopathic Therapy

Rakuma offers osteopathic therapy. Men can also receive this therapy. Staff will review your physical condition with you to give you the most appropriate treatment for your concerns.
You can get some of these treatments, depending on our reservation status. We recommend that you make a reservation well in advance.

30 mins. 1st treatment 2,640 yen Regular Price 3,300 yen
40 mins. 1st treatment 3,520 yen Regular Price 4,400 yen
60 mins. 1st treatment 5,280 yen Regular Price 6,600 yen

Hot Stone Treatment

Hot stone treatments are one of the traditional treatments from Bali.

60 mins. 1st treatment 7,700 yen Regular Price 9,630 yen
90 mins. 1st treatment 10,300 yen Regular Price 12,880 yen
120 mins. 1st treatment 12,900 yen Regular Price 16,130 yen

Request to Our Customers 1

In addition to the oil treatment, you will receive counseling, take a foot bath, enjoy our stone sauna and have a cup of tea. So please make sure you will have plenty of time.
If you are in a rush, please let us know. Staff will accommodate your time restraints.

Request to Our Customers 2

Please be sure to make a reservation by email with your name, the type of treatment, and the date you will visit.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but we don't offer an aroma treatment for men alone. Men can receive this service if accompanied by a female. Men can receive osteopathic therapy alone.
We cannot give treatments to pregnant women, for the safty of the mother and child.

Request to Our Customers 3

Please, refrain from cancelling your reservation on the day.

For aroma treatments, you will need to remove all of your clothing. There are some services where you can have the treatment while wearing a wrap robe. These services include facial treatments and foot treatments.

Comments from Yokosuka 1chiban

Amazing Salon for Relaxation

"I was very amazed to find how comfortable the salon is. Rakuma is very attentive to its atmosphere and interior. I've never seen a salon with such a wonderful atmosphere in Yokosuka. I strongly recommend that you visit Rakuma and receive one of their signature treatments."