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TAKEMEN Ramen Restaurant

Our store stands out among other ramen restaurants for its unique beef-based ramen soup. Please come and relish the flavor!

We use oxtail for the soup base, a very uncommon ingredient among Japanese ramen restaurants. The soup is simple yet rich with flavor, making it into a soup that anyone can enjoy.
We have counter seating and a low table on traditional tatami mats, perfect for families.
We have regular ramen, tsukemen (ramen noodles accompanied with soup for dipping), maze-soba (ramen noodles, served with several ingredients that you mix together), fried rice, chashu-don (bowl of rice topped with slices of roast pork), and other delicious dishes.
Alcoholic drinks are also available.


Change in Opening Hours

The new opening hours are: Tuesday to Sunday

Lunch: 11:30am - 3:00pm
Dinner: 6:00pm - 10:00pm

We are closed on Monday and the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

We look forward to your visit.

Shop Name TAKEMEN Ramen Restaurant
Address 238-0011 view map
103 Sano Building , 1-4 Yasuuracho, Yokosuka
Area East
TEL/FAX 080-2016-6951 /
Opening Hours Lunch: 11:30 - 15:00(L.O.)
Dinner: 18:00 - 22:00(L.O.)
Closed Monday, 3rd Tuesday of each month
Website 1 https://facebook.com/yokosukatakemen (Japanese only)
Parking available
for one car
Credit Cards not yet accepted


Special Oxtail Soup Ramen

Ramen with many delicious toppings: 5 slices of tender roast pork, 5 pieces of tasty dried seaweed, and a sliced seasoned boiled egg. This is our most popular ramen.

Soy sauce-based soup 1,000 yen
Japanese sea salt-based soup 1,100 yen
Fermented soybean paste-based soup 1,100 yen

Noodle choices: thin or thick
extra-large serving: + 150 yen


Gatsuri-men is ramen noodles, served with a delicious medley of ingredients of: chopped roast pork, a seasoned soft-boiled egg, and green onions. It is flavored with soy sauce-based or fermented soybean paste-based sauce.

Soy sauce-based sauce 750 yen
Fermented soybean paste-based sauce 800 yen

Noodle choices: extra-large serving: + 150 yen

How to eat Gatsuri-men :
1. Mix everything together
2. Eat half
3. Add extra rice and enjoy

For an even more delicious experience, try it with spicy meat (100 yen extra).


Tsukemen is ramen noodles accompanied with soup for dipping. The soup is a blend of oxtail soup base and a special soup suited for tsukemen. The noodles areserved with spinach, bean sprouts, and wakame seaweed.

Soy sauce-based soup 750 yen
Japanese sea salt-based soup 800 yen

Noodle choices: thin or thick
extra-large serving: + 150 yen

Chashu-don (pork rice bowl) with green onions

Chashu-don is a bowl of rice topped with homemade roast pork and green onions seasoned with sesame oil and salt.The aroma of the toppings will whet your appetite.

Price: 350 yen

Sea Salt-based Oxtail Soup Ramen

Selected Japanese sea salt is used to create this unique and tasty ramen.
Topped with 2 slices of roast pork and 2 pieces of dried seaweed.

Price: 750 yen

Noodle choices: thin or thick
extra-large serving: + 150 yen

Various Toppings

Customize your ramen noodles with your favorite toppings!

Toppings available: Spicy meat, salt-simmered bamboo shoots, wakame seaweed, dried seaweed, cabbage, bean sprouts, spinach, corn, seasoned boiled egg, soft-boiled egg, green onions, roast pork, and oxtail.

Gourmet Shop Information

Price Lunch: 650 yen and up
Dinner: 650 yen and up
Lunch available
Smoking No smoking
Seats 8
(We have counter seating and have a low table on traditional tatami mats.)
Takeout not available
English Menu available
Vegetarian Options not available