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KARAOKE HOUSE - Yokosuka Chuo

Karaoke House is equipped with cutting-edge Karaoke machines, which will get everyone ready to sing!

We have a variety of rooms available for any size of group - from a few people to a large group. The theme is simple gorgeous.
Please feel free to use our Karaoke House for any type of event like a girls night out, offline meetings, and after parties.
We also have a recording room (by reservation only) to make your own CDs.
We serve a wide variety of foods and drinks that we know you will love.
We look forward to seeing you soon.

Prices for 30 minutes/person
Mondays through Fridays: Members: 50 yen Non-members: 66 yen
Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays: Members: 90 yen Non-members: 120 yen
Sundays through Thursdays, Holidays: Members: 250 yen Non-members: 333 yen
Fridays, Saturdays, Days before Holidays: Members: 290 yen Non-members: 386 yen

*Minimum one drink purchase/person required. (Soft drinks starting at 380 yen.)

Shop Name KARAOKE HOUSE - Yokosuka Chuo
Address 238-0007 view map
1-6 Wakamatsucho, Yokosuka
Area Chuo Station
TEL/FAX 046-829-0350 / 046-829-0351
Opening Hours 11:00 am - 5:00 am (the next day)
Closed Open every day
Website 1 Website (Japanese only)
Credit Cards accepting
VISA, Master, JCB, Amex


An all dartboard floor!

We have the latest dart machines.
The dartboard floor can also be reserved for any kind of party.

The Shure 55 Microphone stand

We use special microphone stands that any audiophile will love.
Sing just like you're a rocker on stage!

First Class Room

This is such a high-quality luxurious room that you won't believe it's in a karaoke house!

Message from the Shop

Kid's Room

Come and try our karaoke kid's room!
Only available in our Karaoke House - Yokosuka Chuo branch.
Children's menu available.
Fun for friends of all ages and for the whole family!