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Real Estate KEN'S HOUSE

We offer the best home and life in Yokosuka.

We have great a selection of real estate for newcomers to Yokosuka. We are always eager to introduce our customers to Yokosuka’s many good points and beautiful scenery. Think of us as your partner for everyday life!

Shop Name Real Estate KEN'S HOUSE
Address 239-0831 view map
4-8-5 Kurihama, Yokosuka
Area East
TEL/FAX 046-838-5611 / 046-838-5612
Opening Hours 9:00 - 18:30
Closed Wednesdays
1st and 3rd Tuesdays
Parking available
*Wing Keikyu Kurihama Parking


Fantastic view of Yokosuka

Yokosuka has beautiful and plentiful nature.We recommend our wonderful city with absolute confidence.

For foreigners

We always have many housing options available.

Our staff is always welcoming. Stop in any time!

We aim to think in your shoes.Feel free to ask us everything.