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Monthly Feature Story-June 2018-Time Memorial Day

Cultural Tips-Time Memorial Day (Jun 10th)

Even if there is the slightest train delay, you can hear a sincere apology on the train or at the station. In Japan, if a train arrives more than one minute later than scheduled, it is considered late. Japanese people are famous for their punctuality all over the world .

But in fact, the Japanese were not particularly punctual around 100 years ago. So in 1920 June 10th was set as Time Memorial Day in a bid to raise Japanese people's awareness on how valuable time is.

Why June 10th?

It dates back to the 7th century. Emperor Tenji of Japan first introduced a water clock in 671. The instrument was put into use on April 25th according to the lunar calendar, or June 10th according to the solar calendar.

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