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A black food truck that drives around Yokosuka, offering delicious large portions that satisfy foreign people's appetite.

A food truck modeled after the historical black ships (kurofune-kantai) offers special local dishes in the Miura peninsula, driving around Yokosuka and other neighboring cities.

We serve dishes like our “Special Fried Rice”, “Barbecue Pork Bowl”, “Pork Cutlet Curry” , to name a few. These dishes will meet foreign people’s needs, in both quantity and taste.

Sale Schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays - on the side of Lidre, Yokosuka
Mondays and Wednesdays ? at a parking lot near Shonan-bashi Bridge in Morisaki

Note: Due to unavoidable circumstances, we sometimes do not operate at the above sites.

We also offer mouth-watering dishes during special events. Please drop by our food truck if you happen to see it.

Our black food truck has big, rainbow-colored angel wings painted on one side. It’s said that happiness will come to you if you take a picture with the wings. Please try our tasty dishes and take a photo with our rainbow wings!

Address 239-0845 view map
2-22-16 Awata, Yokosuka
Area East
TEL/FAX 080-5098-9921 / 046-874-6549
Opening Hours Tuesdays and Thursdays, Lidre: 10:00-15:00
Mondays and Wednesdays, near Shonan-bashi Bridge: 10:00-14:00
Closed Fridays
Website 1 Facebook (Japanese only)
Parking not available
Credit Cards not yet accepted


Special Fried Rice 1,100 yen

Large serving of fried rice with roast pork, green onions, salt-simmered bamboo shoots and a deep-fried egg.

Barbecue Pork Bowl 750 yen

Charcoal-grilled pork with a tempting aroma, served with green onions, a deep-fried egg and rice.

Pork Cutlet Curry 800 yen

A whole deep-fried pork cutlet, rice, black curry, and one side dish which varies daily. e.g. salad or salt-simmered bamboo shoots.

Seafood Tempura Bowl 750 yen

A bowl of rice topped with 7 kinds of deep-fried fish and 2 kinds of deep-fried local produce. Fish are freshly caught in Tokyo and Sagami Bay and include large conga eel. This is a great deal.

Beef Yakiniku Bento 1,000 yen

We handle A5 or A4 cuts (the first-and second-highest grades of meat). You can enjoy grilled meat (yakiniku) with our sauce of the day (salted rice malt sauce or grilled meat sauce).

Black Curry 500 yen

Black ship-themed curry with beef tendon. Bamboo charcoal is used for the signature black color. Just 500 yen ? a really great buy!

Gourmet Shop Information

Price Lunch: 500 yen - up
Lunch available
Takeout available
Parties not available
English Menu available